Lights Out

Lights Out is my Animation Group Production film from the final year at Teesside University. This film was produced as a group of five, Kristoffer Andersen, James Burr, Christer Johnsen, Phillip Charles-Sweeting, and myself.

Here is the film:

The film is six minutes long and follows Tim, a young boy, who is left home alone for the first time, but then the lights go out, and he must venture to the fusebox to turn them on again, but is he home alone after all?

I did:

  • Some texturing for the bedroom scene.
  • Look development work (shader and texture applying) for the living room in Maya after it was imported from 3DS Max.
  • I worked on lighting set ups with Kristoffer Andersen.
  • The shot lighting for the full living room and basement scenes.
  • Rendering of the project.
  • Some Compositing work.
  • Editing work.

Here is a show reel of my work on the film:

The film was created using:

  • Maya 2012
  • Photoshop CS5 (Textures)
  • After Effects CS5 (Compositing)
  • Premiere Pro CS5 (Editing)

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